I know it’s late. Actually, it’s already 4:13 am in the morning. But I can’t fall asleep, which bothers me so much. Well, what should I do?

At this moment I think maybe it’s time to update something that I always do but haven’t done here: trying to keep a record of my daily outfits.

So let’s begin.

Jacket: Zadig& Voltaire; Shirt: Uniqlo; Trousers: Topshop; Shoes: CDG play ; Bag: LV

Today is so warm that I tried to expose my ankles to the evening air and felt so easy and chill. Hmm, as for my whole outfit, I think it was a good idea to pair a linen shirt with a boxy, oversized man style denim jacket.

In fact, this is a denim jacket for men! I just bought the small size to get the real thick material and heavy structure which most oversized women denim jackets are lack of. The dark blue thunderstorm shape on the left sleeve is so cute, also leaves this jacket more worn out feel.

The gingham trousers with CDG play converse sneakers were a good match to make me look light without feeling puffy. The hat box is new to my handbag collection. At first I thought it might be way too sophisticated to match something casual. Well, now I feel it looks quite lovely in this casual outfit.

Ah, also, I met some beautiful plum blossom when I was waiting to seat for my dinner. It was plum blossom right? I was not very sure. But there was no signal in the restaurant thus I can’t use my flower app to recognise it, such a shame.

If I was wrong, plz tell me what these lovely flowers were!

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