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Beautylish 2017 Lucky Bag Review

My shopping experience on started from Charlotte Tilbury, 2014. At that time, not many online shopping websites carry products of CT. After I live in the States,I bought their new year lucky bag from 2015. The products I got from 2015 lucky bag, which I mentioned a lot in my monthly and 2016 favourites, are still being used these days.  This morning , I received the 2017 XL lucky bag and felt really surprised. So I took some pictures and wrote a few words about it to share with you.

This is what I got from 2017 XL lucky bag:

Let me give each of them a brief look:

NATASHA DENONA Eyeshadow Palette 28 #Green Brown $239 

When I pre-ordered the XL bag, I thought there might be some highend skincare products in it. I think it’s quite tricky to put skincare products in a lucky bag because some products might not suit for everyone’s skin type. When I opened the bag, most of them are makeup products, which avoids my imagination perfectly.

I’ve been keen on this huge 28 shade palette for a long time, while can’t decide which colour should I get. When it hits to the US market, I searched and read lots of reviews and swatches about it. However, I ended up with buying a 5 shade palette of Natasha Denona instead. Because I never used this brand’s products before. The 5 shades palette works really well on me. After that, I really love Natasha Denona’s products. But I got too many eyeshadows to buy some new one.

So this time I am so happy that the lucy bag contains this palette and reminds me of the good quality of ND’s products.  The price of this palette alone is already higher than $150, which is the price of XL lucky bag. Although it is a warm tone palette (personally I adore neutral to cool tone), the shades actually have more neutral feeling. Shades are really really beautiful and could give a variety of looks on eyelids.

ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo $22

Dry shampoo is my must have hair product. I’ve tried many brands dry shampoos and also wrote some of them that I really love. However, I only use the Oribe dry texture spray, which on the product intro said that it could also be used as a dry shampoo.

Recently Oribe launched a dry shampoo. I didn’t buy it because famous Youtube Tati said it is not worth the money. What I got from lucky bag is a travel size which is perfect to test it out. But sometimes you get a product less than its actual price might affect your impression and review of the product. Hope I could overcome this kind of thought since a lucky bag still has a price.

WAYNE GOSS Brush 02 $35

I’ve had this 02 brush for more than 2 years, which I got from when I was in UK.  After receiving this brush I almost use it on my face everyday! The letter on the brush is faded and hard to read.  After a long period of using, washing and traveling with, the brush is still all right. I must say it worth every penny.

The official product description indicates that 02 could be used to apply highlighter, bronze or blush just after your foundation or base, which would not disturb your perfect base makeup. What I feel is exactly the same as this description.  You don’t need a trick or professional skills to learn, just gently apply products is enough.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed #opal $38

Interestingly, I got a Becca skin perfector from 2016 lucky bag, which is also the shade opal. Only difference is that this year, it is a powder, rather than the poured one I got last year. Maybe I will receive a liquid version from the 2018 lucky bag(LOL).

Opal is a good colour for natural finish highlighting, if you apply it gently. It melts with foundation beautifully while the shimmer is still bling bling on your face. Can’t wait to try it.

BIODERMA Sébium H2O $6.90 

Last year I got a classic version Biodema cleansing water in mini size. Now I have a cute blue cap one for acne skin. I want to use it on my breakout days during my period.

JEFFREE STAR Velour Liquid Lipstick #androgyny $18 

Jeffree Star really has a time on Youtube. The brand Jeffree Star is famous for highlighter and liquid lipsticks. I heard that they all have good qualities. 

I got an Androgyny in my lucky bag, which is a plum shade with some brown tone in it. I think it will look good on lips. But this kind of texture requires a good care of your lips before you apply it on. Hope it works on me!

INGLOT COSMETICS AMC Eyeliner Gel #77  $15 

I, a girl only use liquid eyeliner received a pot of eyeliner gel! How exciting!

About 5 or 6 years ago, I tried the famous Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel, which was a mess on my eyelids. I thought the Maybelline eyeliner gel is better than the Bobbi Brown one. After that, I never used eyeliner gel again.

Inglot is a good reputation brand. Many bloggers and youtubers recommends the Inglot eyeshadow palette, which you could build your own eyeshadow collection. However, as a person really hates too many choices, I can’t decide which shades I should pick to make a self develop palette.  I read from the reviews on Beautylish said that this gel liner is better than the liquid Kat von D tattoo liner! I hope it won’t smudge on my eyelids. But firstly, I need to find where my eyeliner brush is.

IT COSMETICS Superhero Mascara $24 

I think this mascara has a over designed appearance. But it has good reviews. Kathleenlights, who is one of my favourite youtubers, listed this mascara on her 2016 favourites list.  I really hope maybe it could also become my favourite.

This is all I got from the XL lucky bag. So the total price of above 8 products is $397.9(before tax), almost $400! As for a $150 lucky bag, this is too much surprise!

What you got in your lucky bags? Please Share with me!

To everyone read my article: Happy New Year!

And wish you guys have massive surprising happiness in 2017!

(This article is also published in Chinese on my Douban webpage.)

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