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Charlotte Tilbury hot lips swatches:secret salma &liv it up

Charlotte Tilbury hot lips

Recently Charlotte Tilbury launched her new hot lips collection, which was very exciting. Although from my opinion this collection tends to have more warm tone shades, I still love Charlotte Tilbury and bought two slightly cool tone colours compared to other warm ones. It only took one night they reached my place from Beautylish in San Francisco, which made everything more exciting( I’m always over the moon when parcels flying to my home!). Under this mood, I started this brief swatch.

Charlotte Tilbury这季的hot lips系列唇膏昨天在北美上市了。整体是一个色彩偏暖的系列,不过我依然是很喜欢CT的,所以挑了两只相对冷一点的色号。在beautylish订了之后,今天就寄到了。趁热来一个简单的试色好了。

The liv it up comes from kissing formula while the secret salma comes from matte formula. But for myself, I didn’t see much difference on these two shades between two formulas, especially the moisture and shininess.

两只的色号分别是secret salma和live it up,前者是matte系列,后者是kissing系列。不过我上嘴之后觉得两只的光泽度和滋润度差得不多。

liv it up and secret salma

Next is the swatch on the inside arm. Three following photos has the same light whilst I turned my arm around to see the difference on the move.


Swatch1 Swatch2 Swatch3

Then here comes the swatch on my lips. But first let me put my natural lips picture to give the swatch a comparison:



Then follows the liv it up on my lips:

liv it up上嘴后:

This shade is inspired by Liv Taylor (hands down!), from the official description the smoky eye makeup could be its best match. Personally I really prefer this kind of light pinky nude colour. And I think it reaches my expectation.



Now it’s the turn of secret salma:

Secret salma上嘴后:

From the CT description this shade is a deep rose plum colour and will capture men’s crash on you. But I am not interested in attract boys and don’t feel any “deep” rose plum feelings. This colour transferred lighter on my lips rather than my arms. Maybe that’s because the skintone on my body is warmer than it on my face. Plus the CT description also said that it suits well on tan skin. But anyway, I still love it.

官方对这支色彩的描述是deep rose plum色,并且说具有斩男效果。我对于会不会斩男不太感兴趣,不过上嘴之后没觉得有deep的感觉,而且与我的手臂试色差得挺多的。这可能也是因为手臂跟脸比偏黄一点,而官方描述也写了这支适合小麦色皮肤。


A short summary:

This hot lips collection succeeds all advantages of CT lipsticks , which are moist, good coverage and beautiful colour transfer. However, the colour shows different on different lips and skin tones. I suggest that go to the CT counter to try them on first before you decide your mind.


So that’s it. I will add updates if there is any new thought.


(This article is also published in Chinese only on my Chinese social web Douban, click to read if you like.)

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