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Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Swatches & Reviews

CT-instantlook -in-a-palette

It’s not easy to get this palette because of the high demand which made Beautylish out of stock a few minutes after it launched. I ordered it from the counter in Nordstrom and received this palette after several days.

I am quite happy that I got this palette because I can’t stop using it these days.This instant look in a palette is a multiple function one, which contains three eyeshadow shades, two blush shades, one highlighter and one bronzer. Also, those shades have been marked on the surface for their use.

The official description said that by using this palette, you could complete your makeup in 5 minutes, which I think is an over praise. Since many people needs more time on their brows or foundations.

Anyway, here’s a brief swatch on my inside arm:



The pigment of three eyeshadow shade are premium, which I believe has reached the top quality on the market. The colours in general suit all skin tones, also are natural and practical. No.1 is a matte pinky nude shade, has a lightening effect on the eyelid. While the No.2 is a shimmer brown colour and looks beautiful with only one swipe by a blending brush. However No.3 doesn’t show its colour entirely on my eyelid. But I still use it to deepen the outer corner of my eye or even use it as an natural eyeliner, which made my eyes open instantly.

The blush shades are also pigmented and contain a little bit shimmer. No.5 is a orangy neutral pink. No.6 is a baby pink. Personally  I use No.5 as a base blush then blend a small amount of No.6, or mix them together, which both look good on the skin.


Next here are the bronzer and highlighter shades swatches:


It’s said that these shades has more than 95% similarities with CT’s famous Film star bronze & glow palette. However I never use it before so I can’t compare them by myself. After using these two shades I think I should go and grab the Film star palette because they are sooo good. The bronzer colour has very natural effect on my face and blends like a dream. You can’t see any bronze edge or contour mark but still get the slim face effect. 

The highlighter shade has a light gold tone which melt into skin beautiful and really has a instant highlight effect, which I believe more shiny than the Cle de Peau #11 highlighter, and lasts longer than Cle de Peau.


A short summary: 

If you like natural makeup and want to try CT’s product first, I think you won’t regret buy this palette.


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