Qu'est-ce qu'une mariГ©e par correspondance?

From the weaving place, a guard attempts to escort their unique aside, but she resists

From the weaving place, a guard attempts to escort their unique aside, but she resists

At the channel, Norma try arranged having disorderly conduct, however, Reuben postings bail later on one to evening

Leroy Mason, the major movie director, requests their unique to get along the pencil and you can papers. Inside the workplace, Norma remains defiant, and you can Mason demands that she quickly exit the fresh new factory. Among the din of one’s computers, Norma produces “UNION” to the an article of cardboard and stands for the a desk carrying they above their particular lead. Just like the gurus research, they begin to turn fully off its machines till the factory floor was quiet. When Sheriff Lamar Miller will come, Norma with pride strolls outside of the strengthening which have him, however when external, she understands that he or she is arresting their unique rather than bringing their own house. When you find yourself she kicks and you can screams, they force her on the cops auto.

As she whines about shock of experience, Reuben teaches their particular one to being detained is slight in comparison with the real dangers of union putting. Once she gets household, Norma gets up their unique youngsters to disclose their unique stop, their unique incomplete past as well as the name of their fathers, so they really was prepared when people gossip regarding their own. Although it got her discharged, she shows you on them you to she believes in the relationship. A bit later, a crowd out-of specialists delays in factory because partnership vote is mentioned. Outside, Norma and Reuben pay attention to brand new cheers if result is launched and only the latest union.

Norma retains right back tears when you’re she walks Reuben so you’re able to their auto, that’s packed to own his travel back to Ny. Just after thanking each other, they shake hands, and you can Norma watches him drive out.

sixteen. Shane

While playing for the their Wyoming homestead, more youthful Joey Starrett spies a lone driver approaching their home, up coming pays attention having higher interest since Shane, brand new buckskin clad stranger, suggests so you’re able to their father Joe that he’s going northern, on house. When Joey dicks the latest rifle he has already been carrying, Shane, surprised by the noises, brings his firearm into price off a beneficial gunslinger. Joe try disrupted from the Shane’s behavior and, just like the a group of guys drive right up, directs your towards his ways. The latest men’s leader, grizzled cattle baron Rufe Ryker, accuses Joe out of leg squats into the their grazing property and you may means one the guy throw in the towel his homestead. Whenever Joe page web refuses, Ryker’s guys begin to intimidate your until Shane suddenly reappears within Joe’s side. The newest men leave, and you will Joe’s spouse Marian, that seen sets from around, appetite Joe to help you receive Shane so you’re able to dinner.

Joey is happy to possess Shane spend night together, and at the end of the foodstuff, Shane, reticent to share his previous, happens additional to slice wood toward members of the family. Joe matches inside the together with following day, both men form teams to get a stubborn tree stump out from the surface. Afterwards, Joey says to Shane you to definitely their moms and dads need him to stay and innocently lets on that their father is worried about Ryker’s dangers. Shane, who’s set aside their weapon, agrees to remain and you will heads in order to area to order works attire. After, homesteader Ernie Wright arrives at the Starretts’ in order to mention one to Ryker’s men has actually destroyed his grain field and you may, therefore, the guy along with his family relations try moving out. Joe pleads Ernie to stay and you may calls for a conference off the newest homestead men one night.

At the same time, around, Shane commands outfits during the Sam Grafton’s general store, then commands a soda enter the new surrounding saloon. There, Chris Calloway, certainly Grafton’s dudes, phone calls Shane a good “sodbuster” and you may tosses one cup of whiskey to the their the latest top. Shane does not answer Calloway’s provocations, although not, and you may walks away. That night, in conference, Joey overhears homesteader Fred Lewis, who experienced brand new saloon change, point out that Shane failed to resist Calloway. Marian reassures Joey one to Shane isn’t a good coward, but counsels your to not feel too connected to him. After, that have chose to adhere to one another since the a group, the fresh new homesteaders in addition to their household go to town to invest in the next day’s Fourth-of-july celebration. At Grafton’s, Calloway once again face Shane regarding saloon, however, this time around, Shane puts a couple beverages into Calloway and you may slugs him.

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