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TESTING MAKE UP NO. 6 SUQQU 2017 Designing Color Eyes 04 Ayanadeshiko 絢撫子& 05 Aoshizuku 蒼雫 Swatches & Review

So this is the last blog post about swatches and review of the SUQQU new eyeshadows in spring 2017. Sometimes I wonder that collecting a lot of makeup products might not really benefit my life. Those colours I obsessed with are actually quite similar sometime. But this deep thought doesn’t work for me when new launches are available.  I still buy them and feel happy like a kid. So maybe there is no need to consider too much, just enjoy using them is enough to worth the money I paid. 

Anyway, no harm for searching for swatches and review about products.

04Ayanadeshiko 絢撫子

The official description is:

“04 AYANADESHIKO (Mauve Pink & Deep Bordeaux) Feminine combination of deep bordeaux & mauve.”

I really like this kind of pinky red colour. It seems that once a similar colour match launch out, it would be really popular and reach the top seller sooner.  However, because there is not a deep shade to balance the beautiful mauve and red, it would be quite easy to look like ill or after crying.  So be careful with these girly pink or red.

Swatches on my arm:

On my eyelids:

I didn’t use any eyeliner, just matched the eyeshadow with some mascara.

The whole look:

What I used for this look:

  1. By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation#2
  2. By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer #4#2
  3. Shiseido D programme powder
  4. SURRATT brow pencil #brunette
  5. Cle de Peau perfect mascara#Bordeaux
  6. SUQQU pure colour blush 06 HARUSUMIRE  春堇
  7. SURRATT contour shade
  8. SUQQU highlight& blush palette 2016 #highlighter
  9. Chantecaille Luminous Gloss # Framboise

05Aoshizuku 蒼雫

The official description is :

“05 AOSHIZUKU (Cool Navy & Icy Brown) Cool and sharpening combination of brown & navy.”

I am expecting for trying 05 for a while. Unlike other palette this season SUQQU has launched, the colour match of 05 has more feminine and mature feeling. This kind of mature makeup effect is what SUQQU always good at. I think the colour has a little metallic shade and could be used for a smoky eye look. 

Swatches on my arm:

On my eyelids:

Still I didn’t use eyeliner, because I wanted to have a natural finish look.

The whole look:

What I used for this look:

  1. Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum
  2. surratt Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand #3
  3. It cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer #neutral medium
  4. Cle de Peau concealer #LO
  5. Shiseido D programme powder
  6. Cle de Peau highlighter #11
  7. surratt contour shade
  8. SUQQU pure colour blush 06 HARUSUMIRE  春堇
  9. Tom Ford Matte Lip Color #pussy cat

Reviews & Thoughts

04:  It’s easier to apply on naturally than I thought. The key point is that don’t blend too wide on the eyelids, otherwise eyelids would look really puffy. If I could match this eyeshadow with a burgundy eyeliner(which I don’t have), the look would be more complete.  The colour of shades stay fresh all day long. Like other palette in this collection ,the subtle shimmer in it give all shades a sheer finish rather than super pigmented.

Moreover what needs to be consider is that if your skin tone didn’t match these shades , the colour payoff could be quite different and even easier to be dull. I feel that this palette is more suitable for natural to cool skintones. 

05:this one for me requires higher makeup techinique than any other one in this collection. The bottom left shade should be applied very carefully otherwise it could look dirty on eyelids. With the bronzy brown in the bottom right shade, the difficulty adds a lot. If you had dull eyelids like me, a eyeprimer would work. I only used the bronzy shade as an eyeliner shade, which is not obvious to find.   If I blended this shade in the outer corner of my eyes, it would be a disaster.  But the mix of blue and brown is beautiful.

In my opinion, this palette is a good hit to go to a yellowy dark light restaurant. With a heavy hand application , a smoky look could pop out the expression of eyes. This palette also reminds me of an eyeshadow palette YSL launched in 2014 autumn, with a leather case I believe. The colour matches are similar.  However the YSL one has more wider colour choices and more pigment and glitter. 

In general these two palette doesn’t surprise me a lot, but I don’t feel disappointed.  Perhaps I’ve already get used to the style SUQQU implies, perhaps I need to try another application way.  They are indeed high quality makeup products. If you asked me which on I like most in this collection, my answer is 01 and 02 are both my No.1, and 05 is the 2nd place.

So this is the TESTING MAKEUP NO.6. Please share your thoughts and comments with me .

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