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TESTING MAKEUP No. 2: Cle de Peau 2015 Collection Bal Masqué makeup coffret swatches & reviews

In 2015, Cle de Peau launched this makeup set to celebrate Christmas. I was so excited and bought it after its launching immediately. However, this set ended up lying in the corner of my makeup drawer which I never remember. I haven’t use it until started a declutter of my whole makeup collection after the 2017 new year. It is complete BRAND NEW when I discovered it! So I started use it right now because it’s a waste of money that I buy things however never use them.

The theme of this Christmas limited edition makeup set is “Collection Bal Masque”, which is inspired from  the Venetian Masquerade ball. The packaging is very beautiful and contains lots of burgundy colour(which is one of my favourite colour). The mask figure on the eyeshadow case is stunning. The colour matching of the whole set is bold and mysteries.

This set includes three products: eyeshadow quad, mascara and lipstick. I quote the official description down below:

  • “An Eye Color Quad with opulent, glamorous shades of black diamond, orange gold diamond, green diamond and grey diamond, that highlight and define eyes for an illuminating look that exudes sophistication and exquisite radiance.
  • Perfect Lash Mascara in deep, glossy Bordeaux lengthens, lifts and defines lashes for captivating eyes.
  • Extra Rich Lipstick in intense crimson with a silk satin texture reveals lips that radiate mysterious, captivating beauty.”


The description above is sooo exaggerate, I don’t think those products have such a glamour effect. Also, I found that this 2015 set is still being sold on the Cle de Peau website.

This makeup set, unlike SUQQU Christmas set, is not suitable for everyday makeup. Fox example, this eyeshadow quad has black, grey, bright yellow and green, might not suit for every skintone. Besides, I really doubt its quality because the two eyeshadows quads I have from CPB is not worth their high price. But I still hope CPB could improve this limited one.

Here is the swatch on my arm:

The pigment of eyeshadow quad is better than SUQQU, however is not as rich as it looks in the palette. The colour of lipstick is really lovely, a little bit lighter than ruby red. What’s more, the texture of lipstick has a silky feel but not sheer at all. I think this lipstick will look really good on lips! The mascara has a big brush, but very dry paste. This is good news for my very straight lashes. If the paste of mascara was too wet, my eyelashes can’t hold the curl for a long time. Also it’s really easy to smudge if the mascara texture is too wet.


Next is swatches of my face wearing all these three products.

Firstly my eyes:

Then my lips:

My whole face:

What I used for this makeup look:

  1. CPB correcting cream veil
  2. CPB radiant fluid foundation#I10
  3. It cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer # neutral medium
  4. Hourglass Hidden® Corrective Concealer #fair
  5. Shiseido D programme face powder
  6. Surratt blush# contour Grisaille
  7. Charlotte Tilbury instant look in a palette #blush#hightlighter#
  8. Tom Ford eye primer duo
  9. MSH liquid eyeliner #brown
  10. SUQQU brow powder#moss green


It turned out that the eyeshadow quad is easier to use than I thought initially. The final look was not dramatic at all. The green and yellow became a subtle ombre effect on my eyelids after a good blending.If you want a bold look, just blend the black and green heavily on the out corner of eyelids. However, the lasting power of this eyeshadow is not very good, after only two hours it would smudge on my eyelids.

The texture of  red lipstick gave me a very light feeling on my lips, which was moist  like a popular sheer lipstick but not oily.  It has very good coverage, too. As for lasting powder, if I don’t eat or drink, it will last very long. But I usually wipe my lipstick off before I eat, so I do need a retouch after meals.

The mascara has super good lifting effect on my straight Asian lashes. It doesn’t smudge, lasts all day long.

What I like most from this makeup set is the lipstick and mascara. Although the colour of the eyeshadow is really beautiful, but the quality is really a pity. At last, let’s talking about its price. If you bought an eyeshadow quad, a lipstick(includes cases) and a full size mascara from Cle de Peau, you need to pay $200. The price of this makeup set is $210, higher than all full size products. I was shocked when I found out the price of this set because it has been a very long time after I bought it. I already forgot the price. Anyway, you pay the price for its beautiful and unique colour and packaging.

So that’s the TESTING MAKEUP No. 2. If you had any reviews or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to leave them down below.

Thank you for reading!


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