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TESTING MAKEUP NO. 4 SUQQU 2017 Designing Color Eyes 101 SUMIZAKURAIRO& 01 YUUSHAKUYAKU Swatches & Review

To begin with this blog post I intended to write the swatches of an eyeshadow palette from Kat von D. Meanwhile I received the new makeup launches by SUQQU which I preordered about one month ago. I think I should write SUQQU instead of Kat von D otherwise I will let them lie in my drawer without using.

There are 6 new eyeshadow quads in spring  & summer 2017. Since I want to add swatches of how they looks on my eyes, it will be overwhelming for me to swatch all 6 quads one time. So in this blog post I am going to swatch two of them, which are seasonal limited color 101 and 01. 

The theme of this collection is ” the beauty of Japanese flowers”, which is inspired by the stunning however subtle beauty of traditional Japanese flowers. The collection includes 6 eyeshadows, 3 blushers and lipsticks and so on.

Since products of  this collection is totally upgraded, they are some sort different from the old ones:

Inside Packaging: the new eyeshadow is a little bit longer whilst a little thick than the old one. In the front the font size of SUQQU logo is extended and moved to the left side. The backside colour is gold while the old version is black or white. Anyway, it is still a fingerprint collector.

So the packaging is like this:

The back side is as follow:

Capacity: the volume of new eyeshadow is 5.6 g, compared to 4.2g of  the old one.

Outside packaging: They cancelled the beautiful velvet dust bag! I am so sad about it.  The brush and applicator come with the eyeshadow are the same as the old ones.

Now comes to the swatching!

First is #101純桜色SUMIZAKURAIRO

#101 is a seasonal limited edition colour, and is sold out everywhere right now.  SUQQU describes this quad as a early and  light sakura colour which indicates spring comes to Japan.  The colour is so vivid and pretty. However I really worried its colour pay off.  Because in general the colour payoff of SUQQU eyeshadow is light and a little translucent. For instance the light mint colour on the top right might be totally different colour when applying to lids.

Here comes the arm swatches:

All four colours contain shimmer. In my opinion, the colour scheme is quite unique. However not stunning. The colour payoff  of 101 is just soso. I didn’t see any big difference of the quality of powder compared to the old version. 

It turned like this on my eyelids:

I used a big amount of this eyeshadow because the camera would fade the part of the colour . Since my eye shape is different from the SUQQU model, I didn’t imitate their official tutorial.  I put the bottom right  brown colour on the out corner of lids, then applied the pink colour in the middle part. The light mint colour was blended on the out edge of my lids. At last I used the up left highlight colour on my bottom lids. 

The whole face look as follows:

I decided to put a picture down below that most people would feel disappointed of 101. If I applied it like how I put my everyday makeup without crazy amount of blending or adding colours. The final look is like this. I also didn’t open the flash light. It looked like the colour were all melted into my eyelids rather than popping out.

What product I used for this look:

  1. Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum
  2. Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15 #linen
  3. Cpb Concealer #LO
  4. Dermablend cover creme #sand beige
  5. Shiseido D programme face powder
  6. SUQQU 2016 highlighter & blusher palette
  7. KA  sculpting powder #medium
  8. SUQQU eyebrow powder #moss green
  9. SUQQU eyeliner duo #brown
  10. Kissme mascara
  11. Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick #between the sheets

Then comes swatches of #01 優芍薬 YUUSHAKUYAKU

Although the name of 01 contains peony, it is actually a soft beige and natural brown combination. I really like this kind of everyday look colour scheme.

Here are the arm swatches:

I felt that the colour payoff is better than 101.

How it looks on my eyelids:

I didn’t apply a lot to seek for the colour pay off, just give it my normal way to do a natural look. I used the up right shade to prime my lids and enhanced by bottom left shade. Then put the bottom right shade on outer corner and finishing the whole eye look by using the up left highlight shade.

The whole face look:

What product I used for this look:

  1. The Ginza primer protect spf 30
  2. Natasha Denota  Face Glow Foundation #20
  3. It cosmetics byebye undereye concealer #neutral medium
  4. By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer#2
  5. Lamer powder #translucent
  6. SUQQU eyebrow powder #moss green
  7. Kiss me tinted eyebrow gel  #4
  8. Lamer highlighter
  9. By terry blushe #101 sexy plum
  10. Surratt contour shade
  11. SUQQU eyeliner duo#brown
  12. Kiss me mascara
  13. Charlotte Tilbury lipstick #miss kensington

Reviews & Thoughts

Overall thoughts:

I didn’t feel too much difference between old and new eyeshadow. The quality of them is almost the same good. Actually, the colour payoff also doesn’t differ very much. One thing  the new one is better than old one is that shades come in a more loose way, which means that it’s easier to dip into the palette and take more powder one time.

This collection doesn’t have a matte finish palette, unlike it usually comes with two matte shades and two shimmer shades before. In general the colour scheme is more vivid and live than before, which makes me feel young and cute rather than just mature,  delicate and highend before. I really look forward to use the rest of them.

The lasting power of the new version is also beautiful, they could last more than 8 hours on my lids without eyeshadow primer. However because of my hooded eye, these super fine powder eyeshadows might smudge a little bit inside my hooded eyelid without primer.

Then reviewing  these two specific palettes:

101 might disappoint most people. Because the bright colour won’t show too much on eyelids, which makes it more like a everyday neutral palette.  Anyway, the title of ” seasonal limited edition” and limited amount have already please me so much. 

I personally feel really good about 01. It’s easy to apply, don’t need too much technique, good for makeup beginners. The colour scheme is really suitable for everyday use especially going to school or work.  But I don’t think it is irreplaceable.  There are so many similar Japanese eyeshadow palettes on the market. 

So this is the end of TESTING MAKEUP NO.4. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave down below. Or if you have any swatches that want me to do, I will try to share with you! 

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