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TESTING MAKEUP NO.8 TOM FORD Eye Colour Quad #12 Seductive Rose

Before I started sharing the context of  this TESTING MAKEUP, I want to announce that My Chinese Blog Wechat Official Account DFBeautySite finally got the original certification! What this certification means is that I could report someone else who steal my pictures or blogposts to publish on their blogs, which already happened before (They even made fun of my makeup application!). It’s very important to me to get this certification.  Even though not being a professional makeup artist or working at fashion industry,  I still hope to give my little work a sense of achievement and respect.

This TESTING MAKEUP is focused on the Tom Ford eyeshadow quad in shade #12 Seductive rose. I have an eye on this shade for a really long time ever since I started to do my daily makeup. I actually own a very beautiful blue shade quad from Tom Ford which was already discontinued years ago. But I ended up not using it that much so I don’t want to make the wrong choice again. Recently I wanted to buy a SUQQU old version eyeshadow shade 6 , but it was sold out everywhere. So I bought this Tom Ford baby instead.

TOM FORD eyeshadow products are bold, full of vivid shimmer and glitter. They are like TOM FORD apparel and accessories, sexy and sharp. The price tag is also very high. But I think you get what you pay for. However, what I don’t like is the little case for the eyeshadow, it’s too loose.

 #12 Seductive Rose is a beautiful mauve and purple palette. Compared to other sexy and mature shades from this eyeshadow quad collection, this one is more on the natural and cute side.  Shades from up-left and down-right are two shimmer shades. The other two shades are more like metallic glitter texture.


Swatch on my arm:

Usually when talking about mauve and purple eyeshadow what came in my mind is that they probably cool tone shades. But actually, this quad is more on a neutral side. If you found that it looks still cool-toned that’s because my inside arm is very pale.  The left sheer shimmer shade has a water see through glow, with a hint of light pink it appears not too sheer. The right sheer shimmer shade contains little shimmer and has more levels of texture than a matte shade. I really like this kind of texture. On the contrary, the other two glitter shades has less pigment than the two glitter ones, but they are both beautiful glitters !

Swatches on my eyelids:

I feel that eyeshadow quads have similar application methods, which is why eyeshadow quads are suitable for most makeup learners. The colour match is well designed and wont go wrong.  For this eyeshadow quad, I use the up-left shade to give my eyelid a sheer shimmer base. (If you had puffed eyelids, don’t use it all over the eyelids, try to control the application in a small scale.) Then blend the down-right shade on the out corner. Put on a small amount first and blend the edge natural and clean. Pick a small pencil brush to layer more to the lash line and blend out a little bit. Now it’s glitter shades’ turn, put the purple glitter on the outer corner whilst the mauve one on the inside corner of my eyes, and blend them carefully.And don’t forget that the up-left shimmer could be used to highlight your brow bone.

The Whole Face Look:

I applied a TOM FORD foundation which is one shade darker than my skin. I think I bought it in a tan summer. And also I chose a light gold highlighter shade to give the whole look a summer vibe.

Products I used for this look: 

  1. TOM FORD Illuminating Primer
  2. TOM FORD Traceless Perfecting Cream Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 #14 linen
  3. TOM FORD Eye Primer Duo
  4. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer #Creme Brulee
  5. Cle de Peau Concealer #ivory
  6. La Mer the powder #translucent (old version)
  7. SURRATT Expressioniste Brow Pencil #Brunette
  8. Kiss me Eyebrow mascara #4
  9. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter #opal
  10. Shiseido Blush #pk107
  11. TOM FORD Cheek Color #6 wicked
  12. SURRATT Contour shade
  13. TOM FORD Matte Lip Color #pussy cat
  14. MSH liquid eyeliner #brown
  15. Kiss me Mascara

 Reviews & Thoughts

The design of colour is so beautiful and suitable for all skin tones. I tried a more yellowy foundation and it still look good on me.

The quality of all four shades are superb, which I think it reaches the top level. Two glitter shades are stunning but not too exaggerate. The mauve glitter shade is sheerer and appears less pigment than the purple one. Both two shimmer shades have an exquisite silky glow on the skin. The lighter one could look puffy because of its light pink colour, I don’t recommend to apply it all over the eyelids if you are puffy like me. The darker one is quite easy to blend and combined beautifully with the glitter shades. Generally, this quad appears more purple tone than the mauve colour on eyes.

It lasts at least 8 hours without an eyeshadow primer on me. But if the eye cream is very moisturising, I suggest give eyeshadow primer a go, or powder to base, which could also make eye colours appears more pigmented.

In a word, seductive rose is a shiny mauve and purple eyeshadow quad that suits for everyday makeup. What makes it unique is that even you apply a large amount of glitter shades on eyelids, it won’t appear too bold or sexy and still give the makeup a classy feminine feel. Unlike other Tom Ford disco ball style eye makeup products, this quad is gentle and bright, and fits its name Seductive Rose exactly .

So this is my TESTING MAKEUP No.8. Please leave me comments and thoughts below!

TOM FORD seductive rose is available on Selfridges, Harrods, Nordstrom and other big retailers.

The next TESTING MAKEUP is TATCHA cherry blossom lip contour trio. See you!


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