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TESTING MAKEUP NO.9 TATCHA Cherry Blossom Lip Contour Trio

Recently I feel not into eyeshadows like before, maybe it’s because I wrote them too much. A few days ago I received this new TATCHA lip set, so here is this blog post. Since the theme name is TESTING MAKEUP,  I’d better try different kinds of makeup products to fit in. If you have any beauty products interested in, please tell me and I will try and test them.

TATCHA is a US beauty brand but follow Japanese style, whose products are quite popular and sold in their official website , Sephora and Barneys New York. I love the one step Camellia cleansing oil, beauty papers and all TATCHA lip products. However since I merely use red lipstick, the beautiful Kyoto Red lipstick is not on my radar.

This cherry blossom lip trio is inspired by Kyoto’s delicate springtime Cherry Blossoms under the magical twilight.  The packaging of the Cherry Blossom lip products are all super girly blush pink, which gives the original TATCHA classy packaging more lively and vivid touch. This Twilight set includes three products: a lipstick, a lip liner and lip balm, all made in Japan.

From the official description,

The lip liner is silky and long lasting;

The lipstick: a light blush pink for all skin tones and have beautiful  creamy finish;

The lip balm: a lip balm that has sheer light pink finish while 23-karat gold adds a touch of glamour.  


Arm swatches:

The colour of lip liner and lipstick look like blush pink but appear a little orangey tone on my arm, along with the right amount of saturation, all make the colour stand out more. It’s not a white light cherry blossom pink, maybe that’s the colour sakura would turn out under the twilight.

Next follows the lip swatches:

I followed the application instruction of this set from TATCHA, started with the lip liner first, then applied the lipstick.  My natural lip colour is kind of dark, and also always dry, easy to be allergic to lip products. So it might look different compared to other beauty bloggers’ swatches.

Lip swatch (lip liner+ lipstick):

The whole look:

Besides from the TATCHA instruction the lip balm should be applied after lipstick as a final touch to add plump and shine for lips. So I followed:

Lip swatch( lip liner + lipstick + lip balm):

The whole look:

What I used for this look:

  1. Cle de Peau Correcting Cream Veil SPF 21

  2. Natasha Denona Face Glow Foundation #20

  3. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer #Crème Brulee

  4. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Air Brush Flawless Finish #fair

  5. SUQQU brow powder #1

  6. SUQQU blend color eyeshadow #11 Himesango 姬珊瑚

  7. MSH liquid eyeliner #brown

  8. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara

  9. SUQQU face color palette #highlighter shade

  10. By Terry Terrybly Rose de Rose #1

  11. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Instant look in a palette #natural beauty # bronze


Since I already have two other TATCHA lip products, it’s easy to make some comparison with the new cherry blossom products.

First, the comparison with the sunset plum shade lipstick:



The orangey tone of cherry blossom lipstick appears more when compared with the plum pink shade.  The cherry blossom lipstick is more like a light nude pink(not blush pink) for everyone.

Then comes the lip balm comparison with the Camellia red lip balm:



Reviews & Thoughts

The packaging of this lip trio is so camera friendly! TATCHA always does an excellent job on packaging. I must praise this delicate design and heavy feeling of products.

So here is my reviews and thoughts:

Lip liner: the pencil formula  is so soft that I  broke it the first time I tried. It’s easy to blend on lips. The colour pigment is thicker than cherry blossom lipstick, and it’s beautiful and natural.

Lipstick: if you had the TATCHA sunrise plum lipstick, you can understand what I am talking about because the texture and feeling on my lips of both these two lipsticks are exactly the same. The difference between these two lipsticks are packaging and colour. The formula is super moisturising and silky when applying on lips. The colour pay off is also good for such a creamy and semi sheer formula. You need to apply several layers to achieve the colour saturation of lip liner. My lips are quite dry and feel really comfortable with this lipstick. But the colour lasting is average, with the lip liner, it will be better.

Lip balm: the smell and feeling on lips is the same the red lip balm. The light pink appears almost nothing on my lips. But laying after lipstick could really give lips more plump and moisture effect. I think as a high end lip balm you get what you pay for.

Overall, all three products are lovely, the price sold as a trio set is quite reasonable. The makeup bag from this set is soft canvas material and flat enough to put into small to medium purses. If you want to buy only one product I recommend the cherry blossom lipstick. Since you might not need to use lip liner everyday. Cherry blossom is not the only lip balm that TATCHA produces, there are also translucent or red version, the difference is only the colour, which always appears quite sheer and not easy to notice.

If TATCHA launch new lip products in future, I will still buy them!

TATCHA cherry blossom lip products are available on TATCHA official website.

So this is the end of TESTING MAKEUP NO.9. I hope you like this blog post and  please share your reviews and thoughts down below! I will see you soon.

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