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TESTING MAKEUP 1: BY TERRY Impearlious Ombre Blackstar Gift Collection swatches &reviews

Hello everyone, this is the first blog post of TESTING MAKEUP. The reason I start this series is that I want to raise my update rate to get the “original” approval of my Chinese Wechat official account. It’s a little weird that you write by yourself but need to be approved that it is your own work. Anyway, that’s how Wechat official account works. I have to follow the rules.

BY TERRY is one of my favourite beauty brands,  which has sooo many high quality products. The Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadow is their top products that I have been on an eye for a long time. But they are so pricy and have very rare sale opportunity. For the 2016  Chirstmas  this set launched out and had 50% off in the recent SPACE NK sale! I have to get them and give it a go!

At the first glance, Ombre blackstar cream eye shadows look like eyeshadow sticks or pencils. They don’t like Tom Ford or SUQQU eyeshadow cream which usually come in a small pot. Although this Christmas set is a limited edition, the colour in it are actually all from the normal ombre star “Color-Fix” Cream Eyeshadow.

This set includes:

  1. Ombre Blackstar in 1 – Black Pearl: shimmering onyx
  2. Ombre Blackstar in 3 – Blond Opal: opalescent ivory
  3. Ombre Blackstar in 4 – Bronze Moon: copper bronze
  4. Ombre Blackstar in 6 – Frozen Quartz: metallic light pink
  5. Ombre Blackstar in 15 – Ombre Mercure: luminous silver

From the product discription I learned that these shadows contain pearl powder, very pigmented, last long on eyelids with subtle shimmer.

Next I begin to swatches, both on arm and my eyelids. After swatches my reviews and thoughts on these shadows would follow. If you’re interested in Ombre star, hope my swatches and reviews could give you some sort of insights.

The packing is really really like a pencil right? Just twist the back part the eye shadow will come out smoothly and also you could twist it back!

Now comes the arm swatch:

It could be told from the picture that all the colour are super pigmented. The shimmer is sooo beautiful, but it’s not that kind of subtle shimmer like SUQQU eyeshadow has, but has a very delicate and high toned feel. The first time I opened them I tried them on the back of my hand and they last all day long! At night I had to use some eye makeup remover to wipe them off.

Since there are five eyeshadows, it not easy to put them all on my eyelids in one time. So I divided them into two sets and applied them on in two different looks


In the first look I used the set of #1, #6 and #15, which is a cool toned colour match of silver , black and light pink.  #1 was heavily applied on the out corner of my eyelids, whilst #6 was put on the middle part and blended with #1 to avoid harsh edges. Then I put #15 on inner part of my lash lines and gave it a good blending.  A dark navy blue eyeliner was filled in the root of my lashes and followed by a black liquid eyeliner and mascara to enhance the whole eye look.  

Here is the close swatches of my eyes:

Pictures of the whole look1:

What I used in look 1:

  1. CPB correcting cream veil
  2. CPB radiant fluid foundation#I10
  3. It Cosmetics bye bye undereyes concealer # neutral medium
  4. Hourglass Hidden® Corrective Concealer #fair
  5. Shiseido D programme face powder
  6. SURRATT eyebrow pencil #brunette
  7. Tom Ford eye primer duo
  8. Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed#Opal
  9. Surratt blush# contour Grisaille
  10. Nars blush #deep throat
  11. Nars lip glides #Bound
  12. SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil#navy
  13. SUQQU Duo liquid eyeliner pen
  14. Kiss me mascara


The second look is a set of #3 and #4, which is a neutral to warm toned light gold and brown colour match. I have pink to neutral tone skin , usually don’t wear this kind of colour on my eyelids. But after applying them on I felt that they suits for all skin tones. Firstly I generously applied #4 on the middle and the out corner of my eyelids and blended slightly. Then I put #3 on the inner corner of my eye and also blending…blended to make it natural. Lastly followed with eyeliner and mascara.

Here is the look 2 swatches of my eyes:

Pictures of the whole look2:

What I used in Look 2:

  1. CPB correcting cream veil
  2. CPB radiant fluid foundation#I10
  3. It Cosmetics bye bye undereyes concealer # neutral medium
  4. Hourglass Hidden® Corrective Concealer #fair
  5. Demrablend cover creme #sand beige
  6. Shiseido D programme face powder
  7. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill #4
  8. Tom Ford eye primer duo
  9. CPB highlighter #11
  10. Surratt blush# contour Grisaille
  12. SUQQU blush #04
  13. SUQQU gel eyeliner#navy
  14. MSH liquid eyeliner#brown
  15. Kiss me mascara
  16. Charlotte Tilbury kissing lipstick #bitch perfect


After days of testing, includes going out to shopping, eating, suffered from wind and rain, even eating hot pot, these eyeshadows could easily last all day long on my eyelids, never smudge or drop out. When I returned home, my eyeshadow were exactly the same as the time I stepped out.  They are super pigmented, shimmered beautifully, with all that advantages that a high quality eye shadow cream should have. I think they are as good as the TOM FORD one. One pro that only the BY TERRY  Ombre star has is that they are like pencils which is sooo travel friendly. The 5 colour in this set are all easy to use, no matter everyday makeup or special occasion makeup, they can do a very good job.

This is all about the TESTING MAKEUP 1, if you have any thought or reviews, please don’t hesitate to leave them down below. Also, if you want to see other swatches of makeups please tell me, I will write it out if I have them!

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